toyah: dreamchild


  • Toyah Willcox: vocals
  • Paul Moran: keyboards, brass, programming, arrangements
  • Mike Bennett: guitar, loops, backing vocals
  • Tacye: backing vocals
  • Bob Skeat: bass
  • Jay Stapley: guitars on Unkind, Disappear, Open The Skies
  • Paul Mex: keyboards/programming on Over You, I Don’t Know
  • Additional programming: Angus Wallace, Martin Keating & Warren Bassett
  • Phil Ncholas: digital editing
  • Toyah Willcox: vocals
  • Paul Moran: Keyboards
  • Tony Lowe: guitars, keyboards
  • Keith Airey: Guitars
  • Bob Skeat: Bass
  • Steve Redford: Drums
  • Simon Townsend: programming
  • Tacye: Backing vocals
  • Pippa Gillaro: Backing vocals Let Me Go
  • Lacey Bond: Backing vocals Let Me Go
  • Simon Townsend: Additional programming


  1. Now And Then
  2. Let Me Go
  3. World Of Tension
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. Unkind
  6. Dreamchild
  7. Lost And Found
  8. Over You
  9. I Don’t Know
  10. Disappear
  11. Tone Poem
  12. Now And Then (X-Ert Extended Mix)


  • Open The Skies
  • Another Way (from Cindy X)
  • Over You (Cindy X Version)
  • Let Me Go (Cindy X Version / Jangle Mix)
  • Lost And Found (Cindy X Version)


Released May 1994
Produced by Mike Bennett
Associate Producers: Paul Moran & Tacye
Over You and I Don’t Know produced by Mike Bennett & Paul Mex
Cindy X tracks produced and mixed by Andre Jacquemin & Mike Bennett

This expanded edition contains Toyah’s 1994 album Dreamchild augmented with five previously unreleased tracks from the period.  This reissue adds Open The Skies, a previously unheard outtake from the album sessions which is a heady mix of tribal beats, soaring guest guitar work from Jay Stapley and powerful vocals. Whilst Dreamchild is most definitely an ambient/dance album, it was born out of a proposed stage musical, Cindy X, also authored by Mike Bennett. Although the stage musical didn’t come to fruition, recordings of songs for “what-would-have-been” a soundtrack cast album were produced with Toyah on vocals, and have remained vaulted until now.


Toyah Dreamchild Montage

Dreamchild Special Edition





These are all contained on this special edition, including two tracks which were translated and carried over to the Dreamchild album, and two further songs which both clearly illustrate the mooted narrative of Cindy X. This includes Another Way, (later sampled and re-built as World Of Tension) and the storming, glam-rockLet Me Go (Jangle Mix) featuring backing vocals from Toto Coelo’s Lacey Bond. This special edition provides the ultimate backstory to the Dreamchild album, and gives unique access to recordings which show Toyah at work in progress, albeit with her renowned fervour and passion.


1994 UK CD / Cryptic Records / TOYCD1001
1994 UK cassette / Cryptic Records / TOYMC1001
1997 Phoenix / UK CD reissue / Receiver Records / RRCD 235
2010 Special Edition / UK CD expanded reissue / Cherry Red / CDMRED 451