Produced by Nick Tauber


1982 UK 7″ vinyl / Safari Records / SAFE28
1982 UK 7″ picture disc vinyl / Safari Records / SAFEP28

The re-issue of Ieya was the eleventh UK single by the band Toyah, fronted by Toyah Willcox, and was released in the summer of 1982. It was available in a different picture sleeve to the original single release, which featured a close up image of part of the album cover of The Blue Meaning.

The single was a rerecording of the track from the 1980 album The Blue Meaning, but given a distinctly poppier reworking. It was again backed with The Helium Song – the extended version of Spaced Walking which was included on the original single two years previously.

A shorter edit of the re-recording appeared on promo singles sent to radio stations and used in jukeboxes. This edit originally featured commercially on the 1984 Toyah Toyah! Toyah! – All the Hits album and a K-Tel compilation, Chart Heat. None of the single releases included this edit.

The single edit of this song was included on the 1999 reissue of The Changeling, while the full length version made its CD debut on the 2005 compilation The Safari Singles Collection Part 2: 1981-1983.

13 - 1982 - SAFE28 - Ieya (7'' Reverse) 13 - 1982 - SAFEX28 - Ieya (7'' Pic Front) 13 - 1982 - SAFEX28 - Ieya (7'' Pic Reverse)