1. Dance In The Hurricane
2. Sensational
3. Latex Messiah
4. Telepathic Lover
5. Heal Ourselves
6. Lesser God
7. Love Crazy
8. Legacy

1. 21st Century Supersister
2. Bad Man
3. Angel In You
4. Hyperventilate
5. Come
6. Who Let The Beast Out
7. Our Hearts Still Beat

Toyah released a revelatory new studio reworking of  In The Court Of The Crimson Queen on 12 April 2019, reimagined as a double album CD, digital download and limited edition coloured vinyl.


2019 2-CD Edsel Records EDS0032
2019 LP Translucent Purple Vinyl DEMREC413

Written and arranged by Toyah Willcox and Simon Darlow, In The Court Of The Crimson Queen has been reimagined as a double album featuring five new songs with all tracks re-mixed and remastered for the 2-CD package which includes a 24-page booklet, full lyrics and stunning new photography.

A strictly limited edition purple vinyl LP featuring 11 tracks including new album opener Dance In The Hurricane will be issued by Demon Records for Record Store Day on Saturday 13 April 2019 to independent record stores.

Released by Edsel Records, the album, written and arranged by Toyah Wilcox and Simon Darlow, presents a collection of finely honed songcraft, killer hooks and brings together two lifetimes of performing, writing and producing music. In The Court Of The Crimson Queen sees Toyah continuing to hold court with a set of beautifully crafted songs, thought provoking lyrics and a rally cry to forever living life out loud, proud and heard. The album’s 15 tracks explore life, love, empowerment and wonderment.

Opener Dance In The Hurricane is an epic ode to defiantly walking your own path through life with drumming to die for. Lead single Sensational encourages shining a light on the beauty and courage in others, reminding our children and loved ones to unlock their invincibility and strength. Telepathic Lover reaches out like a snaking, siren’s call to both listener and the lyric’s physically absent lover in a groove-laden command to “come alive”. Our Hearts Still Beat (written for the film In Extremis) and Legacy chart the intense journeys love can take across generations and dimensions. Latex Messiah and Come invite everyone’s inner rebel and unashamed self-expression to be unleashed in their energetic tour de force. Who Let The Beast Out was premiered at London Scoop’s 2016 outdoor musical Crime and Punishment which featured thirteen of Toyah & Darlow’s songs.