It's A Mystery (German 7'' Front)

1981 7″: Germany / EMI Electrola / 1C 006-64 359
1981 7″: Germany Metronome / 0030.482
1981 7″: France / Safari / SAF5003
1981 7″: Australia / Safari /  2079 602

It's A  Mystery (Germany EMI Electrola)

It's A Mystery reverse (EMI Electrola) 1981 It's A Mystery (France)




Although recorded for and released as part of Four From Toyah, in several territories, “It’s a Mystery” was released as a standalone single instead of being part of an EP. Germany and France coupled the track with War Boys from the same EP but Australia carried the Anthem album track Elocution Lesson as the B-side. Two different singles were released in Germany with one carrying the Four From Toyah artwork and another a unique sleeve. France adapted the Four From Toyah single sleeve for another bespoke sleeve.

The track still remains the most famous of Toyah’s career. The original demo of the single can be found on the compilation album Mayhem and doesn’t include the subsequent lyrics which Toyah wrote for the song.

The EP and single version of It’s A Mystery differs slightly to the version found on the Anthem album which followed later in 1981. The album version is mixed slightly different and re-mastered as part of the mixing sessions for the album.

Although both performances of the song on Top Of The Pops are lip-synched (as normal practice for this period on Top Of The Pops) they are done to a bespoke recording of the track which is not the album mix or EP version, very noticeable on the spoken word part in the middle eight section.