A special digital, seven-track live mini-album celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the album Love Is The Law featuring songs not performed since 1983. Between songs, Toyah briefly recalls the period of the original album recording at the Marquee Studios alongside the West End play Trafford Tanzi and The Ebony Tower.

Recorded live at The Brook, Southampton
Love Is The Law & More Tour | Friday 1 November 2013
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Live sound mix: Paul Nicholson
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In advance of the Love Is The Law & More Tour beginning, Toyah recollected memories of the album recording sessions and her feelings on the songs today in her October blog...

“Whereas The Changeling took months to learn, Love Is The Law is still firmly in my head from 1983……… of the happiest and most fulfilling years of my life. I love this album. I love the way we wrote it, Joel, Simon and myself setting up a studio in my house in Finchley and writing all day before a car would take me to the Mermaid Theatre to perform in the evening in Trafford Tanzi. Then after the show another car would collect me and take me to the Marquee Studios to record what we had written earlier.

My voice was strong and well rounded from the evening show. We would often record well into the dawn with me placing main vocals at 2,3,4 in the morning before I would finally flag, order a pizza and drift happily home to start all over again. It was manic, high energy, joyous and unstoppable.

Out of all my albums this is really the only one I return to, to listen to for pleasure and to touch those incredible memories.  I have the same feeling when I hear Crimson Queen or any of the Humans albums………..just connection to happiness. Thus when I compiled the set list for the tour and started to learn the new additions……..there was nothing to learn………it was already safely docked in my memory banks.This is a space ship of an album for me because it takes me out there whenever I climb aboard!”


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