First broadcast in 1979, Shoestring became one of the most popular British private detective shows of all time, with Trevor Eve playing the dishevelled radio detective Eddie Shoestring.

Eddie is an unconventional and unlikely private eye. In fact, with his own phone-in radio show, he’s more like a troubleshooting private ear. His scruffy clothes, shaggy hairstyle and off-centre view of life offer him a clever and deceptive camouflage when he’s on the crime-solving trail.
His listener’s appeals include grisly pranks at a prep school, a missing punk rocker, and a victim of a predatory cult. Eddie’s quest for justice leads him into some dangerous scrapes – and some funny ones, in investigations full of twists and surprises.

“Such panache and animation, such lively scripts and exciting photography… makes you pleased you succumbed to the lure of television.” The Times

Toyah appears in the episode Find The Lady acting as the character Toola, vocalist with a band. The real Toyah band also appear and perform the songs Neon Womb, Waiting and Danced. 

Synopsis: Rock singer Toola asks Eddie to dissuade her sacked bass player Mole from his belief that his beauty queen girlfriend Chrissie was killed out of jealousy by the band’s manager Malcolm Kenrick. Mole is persistent despite a beach photographer showing Eddie a recent picture of Chrissie and the lady herself being introduced to the private eye. When Mole is killed,apparently the victim of a drug overdose,Eddie sees that he stumbled on something Kenrick wished to keep quiet and that he was right in his accusation.

1985 VHS release
2011 DVD release by BBC Video/2entertain

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