Trey Gunn The Third Star (2011 reissue)

Artist: Trey Gunn
Track: Symbiotic (Willcox/Gunn)
Album: The Third Star

Trey Gunn: The Third Star (1996)Trey Gunn was a member of Sunday All Over the World along with Toyah and also played on and co-wrote much of Ophelia’s Shadow album. Toyah planned to record a follow-up album to Ophelia’s Shadow in 1996 with Trey Gunn and Bill Rieflin but the sessions did not come to fruition.

The same year, Trey did invite Toyah to guest on his 2nd album on the track Symbiotic, for which Toyah wrote lyrics too. A stunning track, it also appears on the career-spanning retrospective Good Morning Universe – The Very Best Of Toyah released in 2008.

Trey Gunn released a remastered version of the album in 2011 which contained six bonus tracks and revised cover artwork.

Trey Gunn not only graduated from Chapman stick player to Warr Guitarist on his 1996 CD The Third Star, but being a member of King Crimson for two years also prepared him to drastically improve over his preceding CD, 1993’s One Thousand Years. Having mastered the guitar-bass-stick hybrid instrument in the context of the veteran British band, Gunn plays every melody and bassline on The Third Star.