1. Now I’m Running
  2. Lust For Love
  3. Invisible Love
  4. Name Of Love
  5. Winter In Wonderland
  6. God Ceases To Dream
  7. Ieya
  8. Waiting
  9. Neon Womb
  10. Elusive Stranger
  11. Our Movie
  12. Thunder In The Mountains
  13. I Wanna Be Free
  14. It’s A Mystery


Originally distributed on a limited edition cassette in 1993
CD originally released in Japan in 1994
UK CD released for the first time in 2006
First ever vinyl release in 2020

Produced by Toyah Willcox, Paul Nicholson, Chris Burns & Dave Kingsley

Tracks 8-16 are re-recorded versions. Initially a Japanese-only CD, the album was released commercially for the first time in the UK in 2006 with exclusive bonus tracks from the period.

Take The Leap! consists of six new tracks, either previously unrecorded or written for the new album, and eight older tracks re-recorded with Toyah’s backing band at the time/ It was originally released as Leap!, an advance cassette-only album sold at concerts during her 1993 tour. A CD version called Take the Leap! was released in Japan the following year. A UK release finally happened in 2006, and consequently original copies of the album have become much sought after.

Again, it shows a change in style from previous recordings, and has a much more raw feel than the polished albums which preceded it. Many of the 6 original/new compositions had been written and demoed much earlier, including “Invisible Love” in 1989 with Simon Darlow. A glutch of demos recorded with Phil Nicholas in 1992, were also re-worked from their dancey ambient style into albums tracks with a rockier feel, namely “God Ceases to Dream” and “Now I’m Running”. Another demo from these sessions with Nicholas, “Tears For Elie” found a home as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue CD, along with “Requite Me”, a stray 1992 demo produced by Toyah and Simon Darlow. Requite Me was originally written and performed in 1989 with Sunday All Over The World on their European and UK tours.

“God Ceases to Dream” is a track which was written and recorded as an ambient electronic demo with Phil Nicholas. It contains lyrics and melodies Toyah had originally written and performed with collaborative band side-projects, as the songs “Born Again” with Sunday All Over the World, and “Broken Special (The Island)” with Kiss of Reality. The latter was recorded and appeared on the Kiss of Reality sophoremore studio album, whilst “Born Again” was never recorded in studio. The chanting at the beginning of this album’s version of “Ieya” are lyrics (which crib The Lord’s Prayer) which also appeared on the Kiss of Reality album opening track “Harlequin (Holy Day)”. “Lust for Love” had previously been written and performed live as a Strange Girls song, and later recorded as a demo by Cris Bonacci and Toyah. The version found on this album is subtly altered.


1993 UK advance cassette: no label / sold on Take The Leap! Tour
1994 Japan CD: Pony Canyon/Dscipline / PCCY-00557
2006 UK CD: Edsel / DIAB 8081
2020 Digital Release \ iTunes / Amazon / Spotify
2020 Clear 2LP Vinyl

By 1992 I started television presenting, this was complete career change, nothing I had ever planned, but it restored my confidence in life and in myself. Alongside this I was acting but I wasn’t singing and no matter how hard I tied to leave the world of music, lets say my soul dragged me back!  Because of my past experience I felt I couldn’t seek music management, in fact I never have since 1990, I’ve managed myself. But there was a calling to be singing again.

I had spent a year in Berlin writing and recording with Kiss of Reality, and was now back in England presenting all over the country. One of these jobs was in my then home town of Salisbury where I was very active on the youth scene. In fact a young, undiscovered P.J. Harvey and myself where briefly involved with an all women’s choir during this period. I was filming a series called A Tale of Four Cities, when I chanced upon a young local band called Friday Forever. They were extra ordinarily talented and to help put their foot on the ladder to becoming professional I took them out on the road on a national tour, where we split all profit equally among ourselves. They did very well out of this!

Record companies were showing interest but I wasn’t ready to commit to a company who would tell me what to do regardless of whether it was right for me or not, so I financed Take the Leap!  We all moved into a deserted farm house on the outskirts of Salisbury and for three weeks we lived and breathed the music.

The drums were in the living room, the lead guitar in a bedroom, the bass and rhythm guitars in other bedrooms and in order to get good sound separation I was in the barn surrounded by hay. All the tracks where recorded as live with very little overdubs or repair.  My live soundman Paul Nicholson was at the helm and problem solving all the way as we tried to chase ducks, cows and crows from the building.  Once all the tracks were down we hotsy trotted to Judy Tzuke’s studio in Weybridge and started the mixing process.

The boys in the band did really well, they ended up recording and touring with Judy Tzuke, Mark Owen and Scarlet. Not bad for a team of 18 year olds who were still taking their A-levels when we were recording.  I love God Ceases To Dream and I hope some of the songs will get picked up for a film soundtrack one day.  Personally, I give the best vocal performances of my career on this album.