A live concert album specially recorded for inclusion in the ATV television documentary ‘Toyah’


1980 UK LP / Safari Records /  LIVE2
1980 UK cassette / Safari Records / LIVEC2
1990 UK reissue LP/MC/CD / Great Expectations / PIP LP/MC/CD 016
2006 UK reissue ‘Special Edition’ / Cherry Red / CDMRED299

The 2006 reissue CD ‘Special Edition’ and digital edition contain bonus live tracks
^ Live 1980 / Wolverhampton (same concert as the main album recording)
~ Live 1980 / ICA, London
* Live 1982 / Apollo, Glasgow (The Changeling Tour 1981)

ATV documentary filming invite

ATV documentary filming invite

In 1980 ITV (then ATV) commissioned a documentary on Toyah in 1980 in which cameras followed her acting, presenting, recording and rehearsing. A concert in Wolverhampton was also filmed for inclusion and is where this live album hails from. It was recorded using the famous Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Unit. Repackaged in 2006 with new artwork, rare images, new sleevenote and introductory note from Toyah. The full concert was recorded but a pair of tracks were excluded and used as B-Sides to the single release of Danced. The special edition of the album – with expanded artwork – brings together all of these live tracks for the first time.

In addition further live bonus tracks make their CD debut including songs recorded at the ICA, London recorded just before this line-up of the 1980 LIVE2 Toyah Toyah Toyah LiveToyahband disbanded forever. Four previously unreleased tracks from 1982’s The Changeling Tour close the CD. Recorded in Glasgow, these include the uncut unexpurgated Dawn Chorus/War Boys suite. Both Street Creature and Neon Womb didn’t make the set list of the concert of the same tour which was recorded for the live album Warrior Rock.