Jul 10, 2019

Toyah will be appearing in the film Give Them Wings directed by Sean Cronin. The film is raising funds to complete production. Find out how to donate and about the film including Toyah talking on camera about her role in the video above.

GIVE THEM WINGS will follow in the footsteps and the success of the incredible biopic true story of Christy Brown, MY LEFT FOOT which in 1989 at a budget of $600,000 grossed $15m at the box office, BILLY ELLIOT  at a budget of $5m grossed $99m at the box office and THE FULL MONTY at a budget of $3.5m grossed $257m at the box office. UNTOUCHABLE, with a very similar narrative to GIVE THEM WINGS at a budget of $10.5m and grossed $366m.

The video in our pitch includes words from our director Sean Cronin and our lead actors Toyah Willcox, who plays Paul’s mother ‘Alice’, Bill Fellows, who plays Paul’s father ‘Norman’ and Mark Stobbart who plays ‘Paul Hodgson’ himself.  We are not only seeking donations via GO FUND ME but are also offering an EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) investment opportunity.  Minimum investments from any individual would need to be £500 and above to qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme. If you do pledge £500 or above on GO FUND ME and have a genuine tax liability please email us at the same time and we will add you to our EIS roster and put you directly in touch with our accountants who will take care of the necessary paperwork.

Sean Cronin:
Paul Hodgson
Phone 07496 963 946 or landlines 0118 981 0323 and 01325 250 463