Roundtable | 12 June 1981

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On 12 June 1981 Toyah guested alongside Steve Wright on BBC Radio 1’s Roundtable to review a selection of (then) newly released singles or album tracks.

The programme comes timeline wise after Toyah had achieved significant commercial chart success with the album Anthem and singles It’s A Mystery and I Want To Be FreeIn the programme the Flexipop magazine issue with Toyah as the cover star/artist of the cover-mounted flexi-disc had just been published. Toyah briefly talks about the two tracks Sphinx and For You which appeared on the flexi-disc and the selection process for songs being released. Toyah also briefly talks about the ITV television play Little Girl’s Don’t which was broadcast a long time after being originally filmed due to a writer’s strike.

Tracks reviewed and discussed include Siouxsie & The Banshees, Lora Logic, Department S, The Clash, Thompson Twins, Steve Winwood and Duran Duran. The programme was broadcast at 17.45 on Friday 12 June 1981. Although this recording suffers from some sound interference it is absolutely worth taking a listen to this rare archive recording. With thanks to Ron de Bruijn

Toyah is fractionally late for the programme beginning due to a photoshoot overrunning. Although not confirmed it is likely the shoot in question is one conducted for Woman’s Own. Two photographs from this shoot are included here alongside the front cover of the Flexipop magazine and a shot of Toyah with DJs from BBC Radio 1.