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Dir. Bill Alexander / Oct 1980
Stage play: Royal Court Theatre, London

Toyah played the role of Sharon in Sugar and Spice by Nigel Williams at the Royal Court in Autumn 1980. The cast also featured several young British actors who also went on to become household names in the shape of Caroline Quentin and Gwyneth Strong and fellow Quadrophenia co-star Danny Peacock.

Sugar and Spice is about a group of girls who girls who are followed by a boy to their flat off the King’s Road. How will he make out, outnumbered by women 5:1? And what happens when his mates arrive to even up the score?

Footage of the play being rehearsed can be seen in the ATV profile documentary Toyah. The play was also first published by Methuen in 1980. Presented here is a selection of images and memorabilia connected to the production including the theatre flyer, a review from The Evening Standard and the play as published by Methuen in 1980 couple with another Williams original play Trial and Run.


Compiled by Craig Astley with thanks to Craig Watkins and Duncan Round.