Toyah’s Blog: April 2024

Apr 1, 2024

The Birth of Love. © 2024 Toyah Willcox. All rights reserved.



Here in Frippcox Land there has been an explosion of creativity, tidying, sorting, cleaning, repairing and FUN.

Easter seems to allow everyone to order their lives.

There’s a new practice I have started each Easter, I create a themed artwork as a gift to my hubby.

We celebrate Easter, we celebrate Christmas too. The wonder of the cycle of life is never far from our thoughts and the power of birth, rebirth and resurrection is ever present in our lives, especially in the context of us being rock artists, this isn’t meant to sound flippant because it’s so true to us……we are in a sometimes frustrating and unfathomable business that relies on so much faith in everything and in every way possible.

Even though culturally we are C of E raised we both feel we are part of a greater Universe as well as Earth. We passionately believe all life is equal and Earth is to be protected. We also believe in non-terrestrial intelligence that is deeply connected to all of us, like one soul, one consciousness, meaning for us that the Universe has a broader conscious life and is multi-dimensional and all who live remain alive because this is the nature of time and memory. Our connections are eternal. So my artwork is dimensional. Last year I read an incredible quote that “black holes spill out new stars”. What a mind-blowing concept.

Throughout winter I’ve been working on a new technique for me, using layers of paint transferred from my body onto thick cartilage paper and then using manually blown air sprays to create “universal creation.” Added to that the symbol of the heart in the highest chakra colour and there you have an expression that hopefully is all inclusive of every thing in motion.

Fripp’s gift this Easter is THE BIRTH OF LOVE.

When Bank Holidays come around I achieve a lot.  The e-mails stop, the phone goes quiet…….Well not this Easter it didn’t.

Being a singer and musician a large part of the work is to drive our own Destiny/Career. We rely heavily on a brilliant audience, industry support and the team around us, but the artist is the nucleus.

With acting you wait, you cannot force anything. All you can do is be ready. In fact you constantly wait for the phone to ring, for DECADES!  

This side of a career is run exclusively by agents.

Last week, an hour before the office closed for Easter one of those calls came in.
I have never been so excited, fingers crossed.

A few weeks ago I took part in a Quiz Night with Carol Decker, Nick Heywood, Paul Young, Roachford, Martin Fry and the gorgeous Cerys Matthews.  Duncan James was there too, I’d never met him before, even when we were both doing PROUD CABARET, so this was the first time Duncan and I could have a catch up. We were all team captains at The Ivy Club Quiz Night.

Cerys was lovely, brilliant and shiny, this was the first time we met and I love her company. Introducing me to her husband he said “ I am a huge Toyah Fan!” It was a thrill. I am a huge fan of Cerys and have followed her creative journeys with awe, from Wales to Nashville to Radio 2 and more.

As friendly as it was, it was a really competitive nail-biting evening. I cannot understand why I become so competitive when challenged with questions, my adrenaline rushes and the monster is unleashed!

Sitting with my team I found myself next to the Producer/ songwriter Steve Booker, an incredible writer, his history is astounding. Duffy’s MERCY, Stevie Nicks, Adam Lambert…… to name a few luminaries. Then I found out his path had crossed with the Fripp and some of Robert’s past band members. All the time I was shouting answers and commands at him, because I am uncontrollably bossy, I am ashamed to say. I couldn’t get over the sheer talent of the man.

Martin Fry won, I have my suspicions google was involved….Me A Bad Loser? Or, was it the conversation about how much time he and certain other brilliant 80s performers get to spend at their homes on Barbados. There were a few conversations throughout the evening that made my eyes water.

So many of the creative people in the room only come to the UK to do their work then return to their homes in the Caribbean. I was so jealous! I don’t seem to be able to GET to the Caribbean yet alone live there part time.

For the past week I have been on steroids after a suspected sinus infection (most likely nothing but caution was taken by my doctor) and it has been rather invigorating!

Googling this particular medicine one of the side effects is HAPPINESS…….I HAVE NOT FELT THIS HAPPY SINCE I WAS TWENTY! In fact I feel 20 again.

I am pretty energised without any extra help and the doctor warned me I would stop sleeping and as the course of medication built up I’d become ramped. It’s been fantastic. I’ve now had six wonderful days of clarity/ energy/ confidence/ sparklyness/ feeling invincible and I have done TONS of creative writing.

Formulated two books, cleaned the house, cleaned the cupboards out, gardened, painted and all while feeling ECSTATICALLY HAPPY!

Simon Darlow and I are back in the studio this month to record a new single and I came up with an idea that has relevance to who/ what /where I am today. It’s brutally honest, passionate and it will be in the T&R set for the festivals.

 Writing is as cruel as it is rewarding, it exposes more weakness than it does strengths. Learning more about myself through writing can be pretty hard.  It’s so easy to know what you like or dislike but so much more demanding to create something you approve of. Criticism is easy.

© 2023 David Charlton. All rights reserved, used with permission.

Creating something you feel is unique to you means clearing away all the debris of past lives. I am loving having time to tune in and actually test myself creatively. It amazes me how quickly I decide if I like or dislike something, then there’s that mountain ahead of you where you are so aware of how much you need to match up to. Actually creating something that matches up to the standard of other peoples great work is so satisfying in the process because it’s like standing up to a rogue wave, you either take it or dive.

As a writer, some times I have to get on and write without feeling it’s the “right time”, this is simply because of others time frames while I am on another project,  but fortunately there are times when you feel MORPHIC RESONANCE and it has always fascinated me. 

When Simon and I wrote OUR HEARTS STILL BEAT (ON THE OTHER SIDE), in August 2015, it was about six weeks before Adele landed HELLO. The shock when I heard the line “Hello from the other side”.

Similarly this week, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have released the brilliant track II MOST WANTED.  I LOVE IT, I LOVE ALL NEW TRACKS.

This came a week after I sent Simon the first lyric and layout of our new single, and there where striking similarities in the subject and phrases used in both songs, not in the music itself but in the emotional content.

My theory with Morphic Resonance is this is an invisible but tangible energy where new ideas come to the human psyche to create culture. We all have access to these new ideas BUT those who have greater resources/ greater access/ above all superior technique and education get the to the ideas first and place them into human consciousness first.

It’s a disturbing thought but to a creative explorer it’s a side of the creative life I love, it’s like being in a race. It becomes obsessive, challenging and addictive to just come up with something you accept, THEN put this alongside today’s tech, where no one really knows how much AI is now used in the creative processes and what hybrid do you have?

Do you choose to go the “pure human route” or trust the idea of IA creating a better more focussed you?

I know I have mentioned this in the past. But we all need to persuade those still at school that the greatest gift in life is education, structural thinking and knowing your pure originality. At school I loathed all the structures, forever saying I only rely on myself. As you get older technique becomes a greater foundation to get you through life.

As we enter April the T&R Band are now gearing up for the summer shows.

We have all decided that more TOYAH songs are going in from POSH POP, which Robert played on originally. We are still keeping to Classic Rock and adding a breathtaking all-time classic to the set, it will put a smile on many faces. Plus adding the new single…..WHICH ROCKS.

Both Robert and I want our shows to be about energy, power and happiness. I cannot wait to be on stage again.

The past month has been good, the past week has been amazing. So far all our Plan As are falling into place and we have some lovely announcements coming up in April.