Toyah’s Blog: Dec 2023

Dec 2, 2023


The Great British Sewing Bee: Celebrity Christmas Special has announced its broadcast date and I am super excited. I loved every nerve1-tingling minute!

You will get to see it at 9pm on BBC One, THURSDAY 21 DECEMBER!

It was quite a wind up, the room was full of intense competition and a lot of laughter from Hammed Animashaun, Jessica Knappett and Kerry Godliman as they cracked jokes and revealed past sewing experiences.

The show brought back very precious memories for me. My mother taught me to sew as soon as I could thread a needle. I still have her Singer Sewing machine and I believe it was my paternal grandmothers before mum inherited it.

I was lucky enough to have had sewing lessons in primary school too. It was pretty serious stuff. We would darn our socks, sew buttons, make button holes, knit teddy bears and make patchwork cushions. I never realised how much I loved it and the how incredible the sense of achievement was when finishing a project until I finished my first item on Sewing Bee.

Everything came flooding back.  All the knowledge my mother passed onto me was still there!
It’s a great show, there’s a lot of surprises and I am immensely proud of it.

HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER has also announced its broadcast date.


It was a hot summers day when Dion Dublin and I investigated a house to renovate in Rubery, Birmingham.

Whenever we where outside Dion would bring the traffic to a stop as football fans would slam on the brakes to ask him about certain games and goals, people even stopped to ask him about his music……HE IS POPULAR!

It was a very giggly day with a lot of healthy competition between us both.

There is one aim this Christmas in the FrippCox household and that it to create magic, happiness and awe.

It’s been a long year, with many highs and an equal amount of stress.

It is now time to experience innocent glittery fun!

Many new friends have been made in 2023 and we are enjoying catching up and making a fuss of lifelong friends too.

AND I am enjoying convincing Frippy Father Christmas has added him to his “good” list.



Yesterday I took Hubby on a hot date to see THE NUTCRACKER at the B’ham Hippodrome.

That sentence seems strangely odd coming from one half of Toyah And Roberts Sunday Lunch…..but this was THE ballet.

I’ve seen it at least five times over the decades and this 2023 version was easily tops!

As we sat watching this wonderful ballet, I could feel Robert being transported somewhere good, somewhere he has not been for a long time, into the magical story telling world of forests, acrobats, birds, magicians and RATS!

Yes RATS! There are three robot rats and Fripp laughed out loud…..he loved them!

Both Fripp and I cried at the end.

I took my parents to see this ballet in 1994 at the Hippodrome and this week’s performance brought back those memories. As I sat in the circle, watching this fabulous production, remembering how Mum and Dad loved it and talked about it for ages after. That magical evening ended up with them getting lost outside the theatre in the crowds, they took a bus home while I searched Hurst Street madly trying to find them for an hour and a half!

Parents! They turned into our Children and my Husband is turning into my elderly parents as I kept a firm grip on him in the crowds as we left determined not to loose him!

The Artist director is one of my favourite dancer choreographers, Carlos Acosta, who I first heard of while watching an incredible documentary on the wild and fantastic life of dancer Sergei Polunin.

If you have not come across Sergei take a look at the documentary DANCER.

The levels of emotional strength and pain are heart wrenching, Polunin’s parents forsaking their own needs for their sons talent to blossom and then Polunin the adult rebelling against the chains of a world who could not get enough of him.

I thank God there has been so many glorious rebels in my lifetime.

I had only met Shane MacGowan once. It was about 1985 in Dublin at RTE STUDIOS. We shared a very small green room before being interviewed by Gay Byrne.

Victoria Mary Clarke was with Shane, they’d only met two years prior but you could see they where so right for each other, she could only have been 18 at this time.

Shane was charming and clearly besotted with Victoria because he had that “shine” people have when they are in love. They both made a lasting impression on me, especially Victoria, who was inquisitive and confident, to me she was untouched by any teenage angst or self doubt, I think this is why I remember that short meeting so strongly, her beauty and sense of self was exceptional, yet at the same time she was there for Shane and Shane only.

I wish Victoria my support in this sad time.

I mentioned last month that Robert and I have both psychologically found it hard to come out of lock down and trust that we wont be struck down with Covid in crowded spaces. We seem well and truly over this now.

After the ballet I had no problem taking Robert into the Bull Ring and we sat people watching while drinking Macha Lattes.

It was great to soak up all the energy of life around us. It felt like 2019.

I passionately feel as an entertainer that my role is to lift people because there is so much joy in performing. That said last month seemed to be challenging in many ways to so many and sometimes sharing experiences is more helpful.

Many friends have been having a testing time. I flag this up because we are about to enter Mercury in retrograde from the 13 December until the 1st January.

This can shake things up even more. I am flagging this because it can be a positive, insightful life changing time, deeply connecting you to your self. Mercury going retrograde can cause frustration, cause technical problems and miscommunications.

BUT HANG IN THERE because it is also a time of self-discovery and love.

There are good things in this cycle….FRIENDS, FAMILY,  LOVED ONES are there for a reason. Surround yourself with friends knowing this is where the planets want you to be this month.

Also it’s a time to be with family. AND if some of you feel like you are entering the monster’s den when it comes to family, keep your friends close at hand for those conversations that clear your head.

Next week my family get together for our annual weekend.

We are a family of opposites, my brother and sister work all hours like myself and we look up to the youngest, my nephew, to learn from his work/life balance. He seems to do this far better than us and he is 40yrs younger than us!

I am 65, my brother 70, my sister 73, her husband 80, Robert 77 and we all work full time… that a little crazy?
We just don’t know how or when to stop. At some point we need to ask each other if it’s a form of distraction. Do we know how to relax? At all!

I will certainly take advantage of being with two generations this coming week to explore how to have a calm and stress free Christmas.

So this Christmas I am very much Father Christmas to Mr. Fripp and cannot wait to see him open his presents, which are quite “out there” this year.


Look out for the TOYAH AT HOME CHRISTMAS SPECIAL on Saturday 9 December at 11am. 🙂