Toyah’s Blog: January 2024

Jan 7, 2024


I hope you are having a fantastic New Year so far!

On New Year’s Eve I was on stage at the Birmingham Symphony Hall with Gary Davies’ Sound Of The 80s roadshow. It was a perfect way to see in 2024 and I am excited to say I am joining the roadshow in York on 23 February and in Bristol on 1st March.

I first met Gary Davies around 1983 when I was starring in the musical TRAFFORD TANZI and my PR Judy Totton invited all of the Radio One DJs to see the show. Gary came with Peter Powell and Janice Long.

I remember it being a particularly riotous evening with the DJ’s letting off steam in the bar before doing their live shows the next day. At one point I was lifted up by all of them and held horizontally across their arms, for photos with the press. We stayed long into the night, eventually being chucked out by the theatre staff in the early hours.

Most NYE I am in bed by 10pm, this evening was very different, in the venue the audience where up on their feet all night, singing at the tops of their voices.

At 12.30am it was impossible to drive down Broad Street, it was rammed with revellers. So I sat in my car for about 40mins just enjoying the energy of my home town as people passed by on foot, halting the trams, the buss’s and taxi’s, no one minded.

The security exit from the Symphony Hall faces where my fathers antique shop used to be. I had not made New Years Resolutions for this year but instead I made a wish going back in time…… I just wished I had a vision of the future when I sat in Dad’s shop at the age of 13, that all would work out just fine. I would maybe have allowed my self to have enjoyed the past decades with a little more abandon, rather than studiously moving on to the next project without ever looking back.

I managed to totally surprise Robert on Christmas Day with a selection of Crystal Skulls and Sugar Skull shirts plus a lot of crystal Angels for the house.

Robert has passions that run deep in him. This year it has been Angels and Skulls. Unicorns still feature strongly, I gave him about ten spectacle cases with Unicorns on, but the crystal Skulls have been the big theme this Christmas Day.

This may sound odd but I choose my Christmas presents from him to me, sending him e-mail’s around November “please get me this it’s in the SALES!”, it’s usually L K BENNETT dresses, I had six this year and they will be worn until they are threadbare. If I didn’t do this it could lead to a stocking full of 20 packs of cheese and onion crisps, all individually wrapped…….yes this did happen….ONCE!

2024 is the first year since the Covid lock down that my diary isn’t filled with pre-Covid gigs.

Since 2021 virtually every show was pre-booked before the pandemic, being  re-scheduled year after year.

This means this year is going to be very different.

It is going to be more in the moment for us. 2024 is part of the future rather than honouring the past.

Having seen many movies over the holidays, all of which we loved, from DUNE, BONES AND ALL to SALTBURN , the latter has left me encouraging Robert to dance naked around the house.

Part of this encouragement is I just love to tease him and even though he knows I am creating mischief he some how relents and takes up the gauntlet.

The dancing sans clothes is a direct reference to the final scene in this brilliant film.

Robert needs to release his inhibition and understand the spirit of “spur of the moment” improvisation in the privacy of our own home. This may be “too much information” about a rock god to many, but I am a firm believer that all people over the age of 60 should behave badly in the eyes of the younger generations, kind of geriatric punks with a devil may care attitude and we don’t dance enough anyway!

In the privacy of our home and in many hotel rooms this is something my husband has witnessed from myself so many times over the years.

Luckily he never gets bored of it.

There is nothing funnier than dancing out of context, in the aisles of a supermarket, in a cue, while balancing on top of a ladder but to do it naked on an unsuspecting husband is even funnier, especially if he is on the phone or on a Zoom meeting and you are hidden from view the other side of the camera.

That said I have paid the price for this. It’s led to some extremely embarrassing moments, especially when he has invited workmen into the house without warning me. I have had to hide in cupboards on a few occasions until the coast is clear.

Before Christmas I was doing a Saltburn in the kitchen when our hairdresser walked in. I screamed and ran up stairs in total disbelief that Robert could open the front door knowing I was sans garments!

There’s two things going on here. We are both fully aware of the ageing process on our bodies. My bikini days are long gone and Robert is shy about his ageing process….HECK WHY SHOULD WE BE?

Self acceptance is liberating. Trusting the process of our bodies is liberating. Damn those attitudes that cause shame in this process. Doing a Saltburn makes us laugh, get up and get moving!

If our hometown knew the goings on of this house!

Later this year we will be announcing the remastered reissues of WARRIOR ROCK and LOVE IS THE LAW. We know how popular both these albums are and I am excited they are having their deluxe editions coming in 2024..

And we will be announcing quite a few festivals where I play solo. We are currently planning a short TOYAH tour for September/ October, after which we are planning TOYAH AND ROBERT’S CHRISTMAS ROCK PARTY. AND it is our intention to visit Scotland for these shows!

The year may be young but so much can happen in a matter of days.

For example we have been surrounded by floodwater for a few days, it’s closed the street outside our house and people are walking into town to look at the flooded bridge. All is OK, our home is safe.

I am more positive about 2024 than any other year. There is a tangible creative energy in the air.

On New Year’s Eve, resolutions never entered my mind. Having spent at least 60yrs promising to better myself, this year I just want peace of mind and some fun. I WISH THE SAME FOR YOU TOO.

We will keep you posted about new shows.