Jun 3, 2016

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for all the Birthday and Anniversary wishes. We had a fantastic week in Seattle.

Our Birthdays were a great excuse to get over to the USA and see our band pal Bill Rieflin. Much partying was partied in 7 days.


There were many strange and wonderful coincidences going on that week. Before we left the UK I did the photo shoot for what is being called QUADROPHENIA 2. I have been “on board” with this project since February so it is nice to see it is out in the open.

 It isn’t called QUAD 2 but it is understandable that is what people are thinking. It is a film based on a book that was a Mod hit called TO BE SOMEONE where the voice of Jimmy continues his internal narration of his life 30 odd years on……so all the original characters are involved.

Anyway once having landed at Seattle a car took us to the hotel where we followed Pete Townsend into the reception…THE WHO were playing Seattle that night! But we were too jetlagged to see them play!

 Touching base and making a fuss of Bill was our main concern, and his wife Frankie too. We managed to make plans and day dream together….it was a lovely trip purely because of that and our Birthdays were an added bonus.

We experienced something out there that baffled us; the good people of Seattle were in general fascinated by us. Smiling as they passed us, even taking pictures of us and it wasn’t because they recognised us. We even had a professional photographer jump out and take our picture on Pine St. We were baffled by it then Frankie pointed out it was because we “dress up” i.e.: Robert in a suit and tie and myself in neat dresses…whereas No One in Seattle bothers to wear smart clothes.

Possibly this had something to do with it but I think it was because we were an elderly couple CiuLdzrWEAAHknYholding hands. It was the “cute factor” freaking them out!

Frippy and I didn’t manage to open any presents until we got back to the UK, where upon I had so many books off hubby that we have had to order more bookshelves to be put up in the house. Heaven knows when I will have time to read any of them….more holidays needed!

Cannes festival was great for me. I wasn’t there in person but with buzz of TO BE SOMEONE being announced it lead to my being offered other movies, so after filming HOUND (with Gary Shail as my hubby) I go into #SWIPERIGHT for July, a horror genre film being shot in Kent. My role is wicked. I can’t wait!

Even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet I think it is safe to confirm that Simon Darlow and Myself are over the moon that many of the songs from IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON QUEEN are about to be used in a theatre production of Dostoevsky’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, a steam punk version/rock musical of the novel which opens on the 30th August at the Scoop Theatre in London. It will run until the 25th Sept.

It is a free event, it is an open-air amphitheatre by the River Thames, but it will be on a first come, first served basis. It is going to be busy. They expect 40,000 people will see it as the event has been full to capacity in the past. It is part of the London Festival’s Russian Season. 

Simon and I are writing three new songs for the piece. The writer/director Phil Willmott is also using some songs off ANTHEM.

The festivals start this month. It is my favourite season of the year and I am praying for good weather…for the audience’s sake as much as mine. Having seen the REWIND audience in Perth last year tolerate hail stones the size of small cats I would not wish that on anyone ever again.

LETS ROCK, GLASTO, GRASSINGTON, DARTFORD, CHELMSFORD, REWIND, GRAZE and we are just adding one in Devon….it looks like a perfect summer! What with filming feature films in the week days and singing at weekends I like to think I have found the balance I have craved all my life.

As a parting piece of gossip before I run off to do press……I have been in contact with Phil Spalding, Nigel Glockler, Adrian Lee and Joel Bogen……  something might be happening in a years time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful June! See you out there!