Sep 9, 2017


It has been an extraordinary month, really hard but with very wonderful results.

The biggest leap Robert and I have taken is to totally detox in relation to our DNA needs. Yes Mad, Bonkers but the truth is the science is out there to help us live fuller and longer lives in a healthier and more quality induced state.

I will try to explain this. Firstly we were both DNA tested, then thousands upon thousands of foods, external influences were run through our DNA. 

The result being pages and pages of potential time bombs within our DNA structure.
These cannot be changed, we are born with fixed DNA. What we can change is putting more stress upon our inherited traits.

This means a complete lifestyle/dietary change for life.

The initial thing that made me want to commit to this is I had stopping sleeping altogether. An experience that can only be explained as being in a wakeful hell.

From June through to the beginning of August I didn’t fall asleep. You start to feel very unwell after 10 days. So I needed to seek help.

Not being a fan of pills and dark rooms I was advised to have food intolerance testing, this lead to the discovery of DNA influences.

Now Robert and I are non-dairy, non-wheat, non-sugar, non-yeast, non caffeine BUT WE CAN DRINK CHAMPAGNE! Because this is made from grape……. this is what the science says and I am not going to argue.

The first two days were hard due to feeling really poorly and hungry. The hunger was my mistake. I got the portion sizes wrong! Now 4 weeks in, I have lost weight and look a lot better, my eyesight has improved and my mind is clear AND I AM SLEEPING, of sorts…..still up at 3am but I am a lot more relaxed and happier.

Frippy is looking even slinkier too.

Last month I was reading an interview in the Times with Idris Elba, in which he said he reads Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist once a year. This is a story of a Sheperd’s journey into adulthood and how he realises his purpose in life.

This book has sold 65 million copies worldwide and been translated into 74 languages.

Up until this point I was one of the 6.35 billion people not to have read it but Idris’s story intrigued me, especially as he reads it once a year to remind himself of the origins of his dreams and ambitions.

It is a small book, a very quick read and a lovely mind-awakening read. Within 20 pages I was pen in hand writing lyrics totally inspired. Then a sequence of events started to happen which I couldn’t have wished for.

My agent called to say SIDESWIPE, a horror I was cast in last year is now green-lit.

Then producers on The Last Laugh and Lies We Tell contacted me to announce the premiers of both films shot last year, the films having been chosen by major film festivals and on and on…… blockages seemed to become unblocked.

From now until December it is manic.

Luckily I have learned my lines for the two movies I am on this month. HOUND is still shooting too. In ten days I get the script for JUBILEE and I can start memorising that.

The Alchemist seems to have flicked a switch and I am back to the old me, rather than the “older” me.

Click each image to view larger and read Toyah’s captions

Gibraltar was fantastic. Glen Matlock flew in a day early (he was playing on the Wednesday) to come to the show and hang out.

The venue St. Michaels Cave is breathtakingly beautiful and it wasn’t until I was singing that I remembered that THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS and JUNGLES OF JUPITER refer to subterranean cultures, which made it all thrilling in such a naturally acoustic space.

 The next day Fripp and I flew to Nice to have a few days in Menton…..supposedly to chill before the mayhem of the next three months but I have been at loggerheads with my property maintenance manager who literally hid 8k of my money for the past 18 months… I really threw my F—— toys out of the pram and marched into his office with a bank paper trail of his theft and the threat of police. His excuse? He was on holiday, clerical error……18 F—— months holiday in this case. That’s how long he has denied having this money.

No sooner had I got back to my flat when there was a knock at the door, my upstairs neighbour, lovely, Italian, came in distraught…….her money had been snaffled too…..result……the manager is sacked.

It’s astonishing how you can make yourself understood when you don’t share a common language, in this case the internet and sign language saved the day.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…..I cannot wait for the sanity and sanctity of the stage!

On a final note. My dear husband is getting his proverbial arse kicked on a site called Progressive Ears.

He is being called a “sad little man”, a “wanker”, a “bastard”, for airing a band arising.

I would like to add to this…… try being married to him for 31 years, he is hell…NOT……BUT….his kindness is overwhelming. His endless support, his taking me out to lunch to get me out of the office, his cooking me lunch because I am stuck in the office, his keeping vigil by my bedside when I was seriously ill 5 years ago, his keeping vigil by my mother’s bedside when she was dying, his flying to England from Italy to kiss my father’s forehead as he died, his continuing education when I flip over something I cannot comprehend, his loyalty to his band……yes he is obviously an absolute bastard…… NOT….what does this make his commentators?

Fripp is a great and unconventional human being and those who think they know him so obviously don’t.