Jul 13, 1988


For some reason that I can’y quite understand I have been rushed off my feet around the continent of Europe.

Here’s a few catch up notes from the last letter:

* I haven’t heard back from Joel Bogen, he was supposed to be writing some music for me.

* I have blown my top at the T-shirt people, for some unjustified reason some members are still waiting for T-shirts after so many months, no doubt Chris has explained the trouble at the printers, we are in the process of sorting it out.

* The film Neuromancer is still in production. Robert and I have been involved in this project for two years. I’m sure one day soon it will go to celluloid.

* I am still setting up the Youth Clubs U.K. Tour. This has been hindered by the fact that I have just raised the capital to make an extra album this year, but I will fill you in on that one later in the letter.

I have been on TV a lot recently, but it all happened without a chance of notifying Tellurian; so if some of you missed the programmes, I’m sorry. I’m not expecting to be on for a while now.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.00.28Last month I flew to the French Alps to film a programme for BBC1, I think it goes out on Christmas Day. Bit it was extremely silly. It consisted of four teams racing each other on snow ploughs, ski machines and in rally cars. I’m sure it was more enjoyable to do than it will be to watch. For me, the highlight of the whole shoot was on the last night at two in the morning. We (Mike Smith and Lenny Bennett included) borrowed a table from a restaurant and skied down a mountain on it, I being the only one to emerge unscathed.

Last week I had dinner with Hazel O’ Connor to discuss a film idea that Hazel had. Whether this comes to fruition or not, it was fabulous to see her again.  She’s been upset lately that the press seem to be still making enemies of us, But I’m not aware this is going on. The film is still in the writing process and knowing how long it takes to get a film off the ground, we will be lucky to be shooting this year.

This week I raised the money to make an album I’ve always wanted to make. It consists of just drums and vocals, but don’t be deceived, it won’t sound as sparse as that. What I’m really looking forward to is being left alone to make a record without any A&R input. With this project I’ve had my management’s blessing to just get on with it.

After I’ve finished this, I’ll then start rehearsals for Fripp fripp. Sporadic gigs look imminent. Also, apart from Fripp fripp gigs, it looks like my drummer Steve Sidelnyk and I can do gigs on our own to promote the work on the album previously described. I don’t know when the release dates will be for any of these projects. I will have to let you know in the next letter. I can say, however don’t expect any singles from them. I’m fed up with being told to write for a market I have no connection with, so I’m not.

I think I’ve covered everything. I’m sorry to say that Headcrash, the radio play was banned by Radio 1. I have heard rumours that Radio 3 may be interested. I hope it plays one day, because it’s worth listening to.

I finished shooting Boudicca last month and that will go out on BBC1 at 4.20 on December 29th. It’s mainly for a young audience but it’s worth a peep. Lots of energy, we recorded it with the same process that I’m using with my drummer on the album I’m working on now. Lots of rhythmic speaking and tons of noisy drums. Yeah!!

Well that’s it. All must be covered I think.
Look after yourselves, be proud, loud, heard.

Lots of love