ToyahTV: A video hello for the site…

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A special hello from Toyah for the site via video.


Shortly Toyah will be answering questions sent in by fans on video. Make sure you submit yours via facebook, twitter or leave a comment below on this page…

4 thoughts on “ToyahTV: A video hello for the site…

  1. Yep i totally agree the Acoustic shows are Fantastic, Saw in Norwich (tues 2nd Sept).
    My question is: If you waited 35yrs to perform live again like Kate Bush, What entire Album B side would you perform, Kate did The Ninth Wave (B side to Hounds of Love) as part of her Concert.

  2. Dearest Toyah,
    I was fortunate to be able to chat with Chris Wong at the Robin
    I was really hoping to hear “Time is Ours” – a beautiful and moving song. Wongy said that it nearly made the set but please could you consider it for a future appearance ?

    Kevin I

  3. Hi,
    Have you ever considers doing cover of songs from other Iconic female singers such as siouxsie , Hazel Oconner , Polly styrene , kate bush Chrissine hynde to name a few . if so which would you like to try and what of yours would like them to try as well


    Les T

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