On Sunday 14 September 1980 Toyah and the ‘Blue Meaning’ band played Bikse Feste, a free outdoor festival in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands.

Contrary to urban myth a gig at the London ICA, seen in the rock docu film Urgh! A Music War, being the final gig by this line-up, it was actually this festival gig at Bikse Feste. Aside from a few further European promotional appearances with Charlie Francis, Steve Bray and Pete Bush this gig would be the last time they would play live with Toyah and Joel Bogen before the band disbanded forever. In 1981 Toyah and Joel remerged with a new line-up and scored the first significant charting hit single with the Four From Toyah EP.

The set list for the gig included Tiger Tiger, Our Movie, Tribal Look, Race Through Space and two airings of Victims Of The Riddle, once as the encore. It was thought that no concert footage of the band existed after the June date at Wolverhampton on the Ieya tour which featured in the ATV Documentary.

Recently some video footage of this very final performance of this much-loved band line-up has come to light. This includes a short clip of Toyah backstage at the festival and one full song from the outdoor gig. We are pleased to bring you a flashback to this festival and present the full opening song of the band’s set, Indecision. Click play above to see the backstage clip followed by the song performance.

Alongside this are a selection of backstage photographs from Bikse Feste and the set list although Bird In Flight was not performed and Victims was repeated at the end of the set after Ieya. Click each one below to see larger versions.

Special thanks to Ron de Bruijn