ASK TOYAH Questions invited…

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Toyah portrait by Dean Stockingd

Have you got a question you’d like to ask Toyah?

Post your question in the comments section below or at The Official Toyah Facebook page on the image post (same image as above) or tweet a message to @toyahofficial and include the hashtag #asktw

Toyah will answer a selection on video for a new webisode of ToyahTV which will accompany her September blog here at

10 thoughts on “ASK TOYAH Questions invited…

  1. Hi Toyah
    I hope your well ?
    Where do you draw your drive,inspiration and motivation from for all of your amazing work ?


  2. Hi Toyah Iv e just put the covers of Blue Meaning, Anthem and Changeling on my wall in frames signed by yourself. What is the significance if any of the rocks on the latter two and is there any connection with the stone you are changed to on Blue Meaning

  3. Hi Toyah, Do you have any plans to do another dvd like wild essence?
    A one off gig, filmed for dvd, with lots of your ‘newer’ live tracks (minx, crimson, love is the law, etc), oh…and me in the front row!! 🙂

  4. Hi Toyah

    I have been a fan since I was 14, I’m now in my late 40’s, which is probably something you’d rather not hear and to some degree, I would not rather ponder on. Anyway, I remember one Christmas eve, either 1981 or 1982, going to a family party my elder brother was hosting and I remember being sat in the corner of his sitting room, while everyone made merry, with me be anti-social, trying to watch and listen to you in concert, which was being broadcasted live. I remember you opened with “Good Morning Universe” from the Four more from Toyah e.p. (my favourite single of yours). My question is: “Why was there never a music video made for this song”? Also why no videos for It’s a Mystery or Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard?

    Many thanks

    Philip xx

  5. hello Toyah

    It is many moons ago since you did your gig here in Copenhagen, Denmark, I think it was in 1981 and I was merely 17. You did an awesome concert at Tivoli Concert Hall and we were 3 fans following you to the hotel and you kindly had a picture taken with us seperately. Our English was so bad and you signed a single which I still cherish. All lovely memories. I hope one day I see you live again and perhaps meet you too. I´d love you to sign the picture from that day. I have almost everything you have released even “Maneater” with Adam Ant and the flexi disc from Flexipop magazine back then.

    Any chance you will be going on a tour in Europe including Scandinavia ?

    Thanks for all the lovely music you have released. God bless.

  6. Hello Toyah and big love from southern Africa. As you know I want to be free was taken seriously on the political side of things here in SA. Thunder was huge here too along with Don’t fall in love. In fact Don’t fall in love was released on quite few compilations here in SA.
    I must also add that Prostitute went down a storm especially on the club scene. The song Prostitute is brilliant loud. There was a famous club in Durban called 330 (this being the address for the venue in Point Road) and a very dear friend of mine DJ Helge Jansen used to play a lot of your tracks here. This club was very fashionable and very pretentious but great fun, and I promise you that” I am” was played often and this song filled the dancefloor, along with I explode,She,The view and Prostitute amongst others.You do have a big following here and also are very respected as an actress. The Power of three is currently being talked about especially since Brumilda Van Rensburg is one of SAs top actresses and I must say that woman is brilliant. With all this would you ever consider coming to SA? The here and now concerts have gone down well and I do know that you would have got rave reviews, with this would you allow me to interview you on Radio Today? Its a local Radio station here in Johannesburg which I have a weekly half hour slot. (Obviously it would be a telephonic interview and we would call you)I am introducing The Humans to SA and great feedback has been received.I think Strange Tales is absolutely BRILLIANT. Big love to you Toyah.

  7. Hello Toyah,
    I have always wondered if you and Siouxsie Sioux have ever met as I have never seen any evidence of a meeting
    I cross my fingers that you may just answer my question!!!
    Thank you very much.

  8. Dear Toyah,
    I wish we could have a better version of Warrior Rock cd a reissue capturing the original LP sound with out the edits would be fantastic Ieya in particular was cut short on the cd I have the vinyl and play that rather than the cd as a few of your later albums have been reissued will we ever see this brilliant live album re released .. I really hope so it would surely be a best seller.

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