Role: Janet
Director: Alastair Reid
Production: BBC television drama adaptation
Broadcast: 1980

Toyah stars as Janet, a maid in the 1980 BBC television adapatation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde starring David Hemmings.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s chilling exploration into the good versus evil side of human nature was brought dramatically to the screen in this classic BBC adaptation. It will be released for the first time ever courtesy of Second Sight to coincide with a brand new BBC six-part adaptation starring James Nesbitt, due to be screened this spring.

David Hemmings (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gangs Of New York) stars as the virtuous Dr Jekyll who discovers a formula to unleash the dark side of man. The result is Mr Edward Hyde, his depraved inner demon who is let loose to enjoy the more decadent side of Victorian society. As his experiments continue Mr Hyde grows stronger as his creator struggles to control him.

The supporting cast features Ian Bannen (Waking Ned), British legend Diana Dors and Toyah Willcox.

DrJekyllMrHyde 1980