In Extremis

A powerful business executive returns home to his family and their lavish lake house for the weekend.

Within hours of his return, a cataclysmic event takes place out there in the landscape. The world beyond their garden is now deserted, the skies above them threatening and toxic. But is it the child who is in need of salvation? What is this strange apocalypse? An ecological disaster or a terror attack?

Directed by Steve Stone
Release: 2017
Starring David O’ Hara, Isabelle Allen & Bill Fellows

It’s the end of their world

Toyah acts in a cameo scene and will also perform a new original song Our Hearts Still Beat (Willcox/Darlow) for the film’s end titles.

David O’ Hara (Luther, The Departed, Harry Potter)
Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables)
Bill Fellows (Broadchurch, Vera, Downton Abbey)
Lisa Gormley (Home and Away)
Neil Pearson (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Drop The Dead Donkey)