Role: Barbara Gifford
Production: British feature film
Director: Bryan Izzard
Year: 1999 (release)

Liverpool, 1964. Performing at the Jailhouse Club, Julie Carr and her backing group the Cadillacs – Tony, John, Jimmy and Roy – are invited down to London for an audition by PR agent Adam Schneider. Adam and his business partner Phil Green sign them up and introduce them to music publisher Cyril Wise. Waiting to cut their first single, the group hang out at a coffee bar where they meet songwriter Mike Williams working as a waiter. He and Julie are attracted, and start working on a song together.

The group cut a number for record company executive Mac MacDonald. Adam and Phil persuade them to use one of Mac’s own songs as the ‘B’ side. At the last moment the disc is flipped to make Mac’s mediocre number the ‘A’ side, and the record flops. While waiting to cut their second disc the group get casual jobs. Julie works as a waitress at a restaurant where Mike plays piano. Adam makes a pass at Julie, who rebuffs him. Discouraged, the Cadillacs return to Liverpool and Mike takes a job on a cruise liner, but Julie stays on in London.

Ten months later, Julie encounters Adam’s former secretary Barbara, who quit in disgust and now runs her own talent agency. With her help and that of Cyril Wise, Julie relaunches her career. Mike returns from abroad for an emotional reunion with Julie. Adam and Phil, trying to muscle in on Julie’s success, are sent packing. The Cadillacs are summoned back from Liverpool and, together with Julie and Mike, make a triumphant appearance on television.

Toyah also appears on the film soundtrack album singing the track Everybody Needs PR in character as Barabara Gifford. Toyah was surprised during shooting of the film, late 1996, by Michael Aspel as the subject of This Is Your Life.