Oct 8, 2015



 The exciting news has just come in that the digital download release of DESIRE has charted on Amazon! AND ………….OPHELIA’S SHADOW AND PROSTITUTE have entered on iTunes download charts too.


OPHELIA-1991This is a fantastic way to remember these albums. Ophelia’s Shadow has long been one of my personal favourites and Desire was the album I made after setting up home with Robert.

September has been both glorious and testing. Of course Mercury went retrograde on the 17th Sept …….it does this three times a year and I cannot bring myself to love this time at all, the mechanical failures, the misunderstandings etc.

I really should get used to the car tyres bursting, the TV’s not working….but I never do.

Luckily there have been no problems with the stage equipment that we couldn’t deal with. Having got used to my “in ear” system it stopped working in Stonehaven and I reverted back to good old ear plugs to keep the volume of the drums out of my ears.

Stonehaven was fabulous. A really happy holiday town. My apartment for the weekend overlooked the bay and it was heaven.

Below me was THE MERMAID confectionary shop…..WOW….it was the best. The best ice cream, the best chocolate. Luckily the owners left a lot of chocolate for me in the apartment because all weekend there was a queue around the block for the shop from 9am till 9pm for ice cream. Wongy ate the chocolate!

After the Dundee gig I had two days hidden away in my favourite hotel in the Peak District. I was waiting to be called to Bradford for my first day on LIES WE TELL, but they were running behind and cancelled this week’s shoot for me and I had a holiday instead.

All over the UK I’ve found secret hideaways that are beautiful and SECRET! One of my favourite things to do is to travel alone…..I can go off road and have adventures.

When I do this I take lots of pictures on my mobile because these automatically load onto Roberts computer wherever he is.

 Often these pictures are to make him laugh, but more often they make me laugh. So here I was in the middle of a forest, on my own, laughing my head off because I was taking pictures of myself cross eyed and goofing around when I suddenly realise another walker had stopped to observe me and had turned back on gone the other way to avoid me!

I was taking pictures of a rock pool when I realised it was filling up really quickly and I had to run up the side of the valley to avoid being caught up in the water.

Apart from having fantastic Toyah shows, King Crimson have been on the road and I spent most of my free time looking after “MY BOYS”….MR. FRIPP  and MR. RIEFLIN …..And also honouree members of the FRIPP/COX/BIBBLE tribe Miss K. Bush, and Mr. P. Gabriel. Miss K. Bush so loved the show she came to see the band twice and at Hackney she whooped and whistled her approval louder than any one else. We love her so much she is tons of fun.

My main objective when I “look after the boys” is that they eat properly. That their laundry gets done and that they sleep enough, this was all a success.

I got my hubby home for the first time in 7 weeks on the 27th Sept. I made him a yummy Sunday lunch of Veg stew, salmon and corn on the cob but he managed to swallow his front tooth!

I asked him if he chews his food, because he didn’t notice his front tooth had gone until he felt the gap in his teeth. After much panicking the dentist made him a new tooth in 24hours.

extremis-red-rock-entertainment-film-investment-1-638-1 We love going to the movies. A week after the tooth incident we went to see the opening of “The Scottish play”, with Michael Fassbinder. It was my Mother’s Birthday so I had been a bit weepy this day. As we entered the screening I realised we had brought my mother to this cinema years ago to see The Last Samurai of course this seemed only right, that out of 10 screens in this particular multi-plex we were in the one we brought my mother to 11 years ago.

So Frippy and I were sitting there, waiting and waiting for the “Scottish play” to start and it seemed to be running late when suddenly a film called “The Intern” started. We where in the wrong screen, we looked at the tickets and we were in the right screen according to the tickets but to see Spectre in two weeks time.

Nice one Mum….we laughed all the way through The Intern, remembering Mum-eating sweets loudly through The Last Samurai.

Darlow and I have finished OUR HEARTS STILL BEAT for the film EXTREMIS….AND we are thrilled with it.
It is like nothing we have written before, a beautiful song of love and connection.

Again my mother made her presence felt. It was the day after the cinema visit and I was driving to Darlow’s studio and I came up with a new opening line to the song “you cannot loose me” and the locking system on my car started locking and unlocking the car doors. At this point I knew mum approved.

AAAAAAAAH! Has had more screenings added because of demand. At the Birmingham screening a young man came up to me afterwards and said he found the film profoundly beautiful, which is a new one on me. Then Robert said he found it beautiful too and poignant.

The screening was at The Electric Cinema on Station Street, next to my old drama school but also next to the new John Lewis and New Street Station right opposite……it looks incredible, like a space ship. Birmingham is become exciting and beautiful and I am so proud of it.

airs this week with broadcasts on Wed 7 Oct and Mon 12 Oct. I think it is going to be one of the best things we have done. Having seen the trailer I am very happy, the double bass adds subtle depth to the sound.

2015 is getting very close to ending, especially gig wise.
There’s plenty of acoustic shows to catch and of course the band shows in Holmfirth, Bristol and London.

Get your tickets now as they will be busy.
See you out there and thank you for all your support.