Dec 4, 2018


I hope you get together with family and loved ones and have a peaceful /restful /wild /decadent /overindulgent time this month!

Simon Darlow and myself have been flat out finishing off our releases for 2019.

We recorded a brand new song last week. It’s rather powerful. It was an achievement in itself just getting it recorded, when I showed Fripp the lyrics he burst into tears and when I started to sing the song in the studio with Simon I kept having to stop to compose myself. (even Mr. Darlow was in tears)…. it’s a goodie!

It’s the song I want to be played after I am gone from this world.

The art work for the release is all about done and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I am so pleased Tony Levin of King Crimson agreed to shoot behind the scenes during the session. We were all in the same building because I was overseeing a King Crimson shoot and also we did shots with Bill Rieflin/myself/ and the Crims ready for the release of GET IN YOUR CAR.

Last week I managed to avoid seeing Pointless Celebrities. I have appeared on this show three or four times now and there is something about my particular dyslexia that I cannot think the way the show demands. Being off first is always hell, especially when I was one name away from getting “0” points. This programme was recorded in January and I still feel the shame now.

Secretly I was hoping no one would see it but I’ve been stopped in the street about 10 times this week!

 BUT I have recorded MASTERMIND for Christmas….and there’s a remarkably different, rather wonderful outcome….. one I will be proud of for a  VERY, VERY long time.

I was so scared sitting in the big black seat, my throat was as dry as a desert. So dry I didn’t dare even turn my head in case I coughed all through my questions. It was only a couple of days after recording the show that I was knocked sideways with flu. Bed ridden!

It’s been two and a half weeks and my lungs are still not back to full capacity. Every day I wake up and thank God that I didn’t get this while on tour with the TOYAH BAND,

Presently I am on the road with the SAS BAND. Justin Hawkins has joined us this year and it’s great to have him around, everyone likes him immensely. A typical Pisces…… charismatic, fun, brilliant and slightly pulled in two directions.

I can’t believe I am old enough to be his mother! That said we both have a Keith Moon streak in our psyche and every now and then we are off on little tangents of destruction.

My girl gang and I went to see David Icke speak in Cardiff. The audience was fascinating. Totally different to what I expected, all ages, all classes and no sign of any “cookieness”.

The venue was full of people who want answers. I’ve read all his books, which really resonate but I still struggle with the person who was once a footballer, there is a male language that sometimes shows little empathy towards some areas of humanity I feel passionately about (even though I don’t think he is intentional in this) that said the evening was really worth it. Icke talked for 4 and a half hours without once stopping. Ever since I have told my friends about going they have all said “next time can I come?”

Mid-December I join Robert and Bill in Tokyo. Can you believe I have never been to Japan!

We will be travelling to 5 cities and if we go anywhere near Rabbit Island I want to visit!

Back home all the Christmas shopping is done and everything is ready for when we return just before Christmas. I have never been so focussed, I bought all the pressies in France in August . Wrapping done/ getting Fripp’s favourite vegetarian  stuffing / nuts/ tequila, he will be sooooo ready to party after almost three months away. Our wonderful housekeeper will house sit and have everything ready for us as we walk back through the door.

Next year is going to be one of the busiest of my whole career. I can’t wait.

 I want to thank the band for their incredible work and all of my team from TALENT4MEDIA to RAM to SATELLITE to TDP.

AND of course CRAIG ASTLEY….who holds me together!