Feb 6, 2021

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I sincerely hope you are doing OK, in the last weeks there has been a building sense of “enough is enough!”  With many people making contact to say they don’t feel they can take much more of this.

The end is in sight and a new normality will return.

My gut feeling is this cannot go on forever, the virus should weaken in the summer months and the majority of us will be vaccinated by late May.

Sadly I don’t think concerts will happen till late July, as venues have to open to full capacity to financially survive.

In the meantime POSH POP (to be released though DEMON MUSIC) goes from strength to strength. We have the release date for late July with teaser tracks being aired from early June, in time for our first live concerts around July, in what will be over 17 months of no live shows!!!!!!!!!

Simon Darlow and myself continue to pen great songs that are fun and full of expressive optimism and anger in equal measure…. perfect for live audiences.

We are now eight songs in. We tend to write very quickly, our latest song appeared to Simon as he played acoustic guitar watching me reverse into the studio driveway.

I got out of the car to him singing me the chorus…”That’s great!” I said. “yes, it literally came into my head as you where parking!” Creativity sneaks up on you in strange places.

Fripp has been in the studio weekly putting down burning guitar and Jeremy Stacey has delivered breathtaking drums from his studio in Frome. Jeremy has added an unexpected ingredient, rather than interpret the tracks with the same rage as Fripp, Jeremy sits on the beat keeping the tension without crossing into the wild interpretations Fripp is expressing. He is so clever, having a background in Jazz he just knows where the focus needs to be, resulting in addictive, compelling songs. In having Fripp and Stacey on the album, during lockdown, we realise how fortunate we have been, because POSH POP has a world sound.

The last month in Fripp/Cox land has been CRAZY.

Emine Saner wrote a stunning interview with me in the Guardian newspaper this week, the sensitivity and insight was refreshing, a woman supporting another woman. Many people have contacted me to say it’s THE interview of my career. I am grateful.

I have been approached a lot to write, not only about my career and attitude towards work but also about my relationship with my mother, a subject that is too raw for me to deal with on my own but I would certainly welcome Emine to write the book in collaboration with me if a publisher is seriously interested. I can’t wait to read all her future work.

THE BLUE MEANING will be re-released ten days after my birthday, on  28 May. Released though CHERRY RED RECORDS.

This is a beautiful package. It has been at least four years in the planning and well worth the wait. This album reached number 1 on the UK Independent Album Chart and entered the main UK Top 40 album chart in June 1980.

The 2-CD+DVD set includes 27 remastered bonus tracks including single mixes, live tracks, rarities and unheard demos compiled by Craig Astley. You can pre-order this now too.

Amongst the 20 previously unreleased tracks are the final recordings made by the Blue Meaning  band  including “Silence Won’t Do” as seen being recorded on the 1980 ITV documentary “Toyah”. it’s took 40 years for this to be heard! 

There’s also 3 live tracks recorded at the ICA in London plus the very first recorded version of “Angels & Demons”. The full track list is here along with a preview of Silence Won’t Do. 

© Cherry Red Records Ltd

I thank all of you for the incredible support in the last months. TOYAH AND ROBERT’S SUNDAY LUNCH has reached a worldwide audience, which is breathtaking and humbling.

I have a strong sense of the looming pressure everyday life will have on us once Lockdown is over, realising that LD has given me very precious time to be obsessively creative, to develop Sunday Lunch, Toyah At Home and Agony Aunts as well as Posh Pop.

One thing I have learnt is the enforced shutdown has allowed me access to my original creative nature and I need to maintain this once freedom of movement is allowed again, because the value of connection to you all in the past year has made me a better person and a better artist.

The most unexpected development in my life is my guitar playing. I LOVE IT and I play for hours most days. Both Fripp and Darlow are amazed, because I’m seriously dyslexic but I’ve turned a corner thanks to an amazing teacher.

WATCH OUT…… I might be rocking out on my beautiful pastille Fender at a venue near you in the not too distant future!

My guitar teacher is a devoted hardcore rocker, born in 1980. Standing over a foot taller than me. We make such a strange sight, (he is part of our creative pod) that I am going to develop some films with him…… more on that in April!

I wish you all Love, Health and your Dreams Come True and may you all remain safe as we reach the peak of this mountain and see how remarkable we all have been.