Jan 6, 2020



After two wonderful weeks without internet nor mobile phone, in my pyjamas , no make up, reading many wonderful scripts and books, finalising details and artwork on TOYAH SOLO with Craig and DEMON MUSIC (my only dabbling in the office) and prepping for 2020 I have hit the ground running renewed and ready to Rock.

In the next three months there are two movies, with substantial roles and a TV pilot to shoot before Electric Ladies takes to the road in April……oh and a LOT of TOYAH shows between now and then which we are all looking forward to.

Please get your tickets to avoid being disappointed.


So 10 years have past. It feels like three years, it’s passed so quickly and what a fantastic 10 years it has been.

The past decade was rounded off beautifully by performing at Wembley Arena.

What a gorgeous venue. All venues are fab but this one is special beyond special. We were treated with such respect and made so welcome.

The staff were incredible, helpful, friendly, fun it was an outstanding experience. My guests where the cast from the film GIVE THEM WINGS.

Claire Grogan and I have been sharing dressing rooms on the Let’s Rock tour and Claire has been following me on stage and as I came off she said “ I can hear your friends shouting your name above the roar of the crowd!” Actors have big voices.

At last everything is heading in the right direction. It’s taken time but I have managed to steer clear of things I just don’t want to be sucked into. At the end of 2012 I vowed never to work with people who belittled the industry and were only interested in self-gratification. For 8 years, luckily I’ve managed to stay clear, working only with true artists, the kind who graft, who remain focussed no matter what, who love the industry as much as I do and who keep the industry alive.

It’s been the best decade so far. HERE’S TO 2020!

Rather than having New Year’s Resolutions I am working on something different. A trusted advisor last year said something to me as an aside and it has stayed with me all year because I have been trying to figure out what he meant.

He said JUST WORK ON UPPING YOUR VIBRATION. It hit me like a Koan (a paradoxical riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.) I just didn’t understand why he would say this to me as I consider myself a peaceful/conscious person.

I am tenacious and I refused to let this go, not allowing it to be unsolvable and now I feel I have found how to live it.

Rather than New Year’s Resolutions I am using awareness instead. One thing that suffers in the modern world is JOY. It seems to have taken a back seat, understandably with the news as it is, but is it possible to live/experience/extend JOY into a world whist showing support for its grief?

I think yes. JOY isn’t blindsiding others suffering. I rather hope it strengthens those who need hope.   

Two nights ago Robert and I experienced something in the house that we didn’t tell each other about until a coincidence the following morning.

As many know our house is crazy haunted, the whole town is, people even see ghosts in the street!

So I was on the sofa with Robert watching a film, I think Will Farrell in Old School when the back of my hair started to lift upwards…whole strands of hair standing upright. My first instinct was SPIDER and I brushed my hair down repeatedly.

The next morning, as is customary in our house, I creeped into Robert’s study and hid under his desk to scare the shit out of him on his return from making coffee and as he walked around I tugged the bottom of his jacket… response, I did it again, still no response from him. Eventually I burst out laughing and he said “Oh it’s you. This has been going on since last night, my hair is being tugged, my jacket being pulled, it hasn’t stopped for hours, I thought it was a ghost”.

Usually when this occurs its an anniversary, or a death. Well it wasn’t Bowie’s death day, it wasn’t anyone’s death day that we knew of then the news appeared Derek Acorah had passed.

I’ve worked with Derek and I am pretty sure he has been to the house. There is a window in time when you pass that these events are possible, we wished him a safe journey and now the house is quiet again.

So I am now off to finish filming GIVE THEM WINGS in Darlington. I’ve spent far too much time in the car in the past 12 months, hitting so many potholes I have had to keep an eye on my back health.

Just after playing Wembley Arena in December Robert and I spent a small fortune on a meal with friends, we had to pay in advance, on the way there we hit a pothole and burst a tyre……my fourth this year. We missed the evening entirely, instead we sat in the darkened car for 4 hours working out the pot hole had cost us over £500. The cold made my 73 yr old husband ill and I explained how many times it had happened to me in the past year, for the first time Robert realised what it’s like for most travellers and for me, he understood how wrong it is when I have had to sleep in the car due to bad scheduling.

 Eventually a very young man from the RAC came and assisted us, he was fabulous, singing 80s songs all the while he worked, we adored him, gave him all our cash to say thank you to which he almost burst into tears and we thanked God we met such a hope for the future….. I wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world.