Jul 5, 2021



The chart positions have been stunning. Three weeks ago POSH POP was NO.1. NO.2. and NO.3 in most of the charts, it was thrilling, THANK YOU.

Promotional press has started and there’s going to be great coverage. The PR team are totally on it and so far the journalists I have talked to love the album, seeing it as we intended it to be, created in an exceptional time, a means of creative survival. This has inspired the albums catch phrase, with a few of the songs being about new generations moving into outer space “WE ARE NO LONGER A PLANET, WE ARE NOW A UNIVERSE.”

I can’t wait for you to hear the next single on the 16th July.

Last Friday the TOYAH BAND played Eastbourne to a social distancing audience at the Congress Theatre. It was a joyous show and the audience had a great, rocking time. It felt very special to be able to do this, almost magical, the audience where loud, appreciative and there was a lot of laughter.

We played the new single LEVITATE live for the first time and it rocks, it’s so right in every way, dramatic, dynamic and heartfelt. I can’t wait to sing it live again.

If July 19th goes as predicted all the festivals are safe for this year, no more moving dates. It has felt like running up an elevator the wrong way at times, just unable to cover any ground, always being knocked back……this summer is going to be wild! 

Cherry Red has been at the house filming for the re-release of ANTHEM in 2022. They were filming for the DVD.

 For the three additional songs on the DVD we filmed I WANT TO BE FREE, IT’S A MYSTERY and WE ARE…..with me on guitar! First time ever. Ellie Williams was on Keys and Sidney Jake on lead guitar. We looked so cool, like a great three-piece festival band. I was thrilled to pieces, loved every minute.

And I didn’t suffer nerves, the guitar became my safe space.

Currently I am learning to play guitar on all the TOYAH CLASSICS and POSH POP, I really hope by the autumn I have the guts to play on stage!

For the past few weeks Frippy has been trying to get to the USA for his tour. It’s been logistically confusing. No one quite knows what the process should be, there’s daily bulletins of constant changes, the main problem being how to get through immigration. It will take the whole of the UK King Crimson team about 4 to 5 hours to clear, with tons of paperwork. There must be other UK artists out there presently. KC will generate 20 million in income within the US, so there presence in the US is a good news story.

My hubby will be away for two months. This is the first time we have had apart in 17 months!

I will be worried sick about him, touring is exposing even when there isn’t a virus around. But even with the potential for missing him I am looking forward to the surge in creativity and action once I have my own space and time…..there’s so many ideas I want to put on paper and I can only really do that if all the last years routine goes out of the window.

It looks like normality is returning in the UK, dare I say it, no facemasks, no social distancing from the 19th July…..OMG bring it on.

That said I am choosing to still use my face mask and hand sanitizer till I feel completely safe and immune, neither Fripp nor myself have had a cold for over two years, which makes me think when and if we get one it will be a bruiser of an infection…….so I am choosing to stay safe for the sake of  the shows.

A dear friend visited me for lunch a few days ago and she has “long Covid”, nine months ago she was admitted into intensive care and told she was an hour and a half away from death and it has terrified her since. She is young, 43, now short of breath, low on physical and mental energy, has no sense of taste or feeling in her feet. This really brings it home, how destructive this virus is to the human body, no way am I taking risks, there are some successes when staying safe….Hand Sanitizer, distance and fresh air. My friend caught it visiting her parents, who both had the virus and no symptoms… crazy is that!

Whilst we are on the subject….are any of you suffering “hot sweats”?!!!!!

All my female friends over 50, who’ve had both jabs seem to be in a second menopause…..including me!

My poor toes are taking a beating. I am not sure how or why I am managing to mangle them so successfully. It’s as if my peripheral vision has been effected by something…. the vaccine maybe, but my toes have been black and blue for a few months from me catching them on chair legs, even a brick or a concrete step. I feel lucky not to have smashed my teeth, I’ve taken so may tumbles lately.

I’ve always been accident-prone but currently I am excelling my own personal record.

My sister who works in NHS

Perhaps it’s time for an eye test, the thought of having my eyes lasered scares me senseless. Robert had it done about eight years ago, he was heroic, but now has incredible long sight, he can see about half a mile with binocular clarity, so I am avoiding having to make a decision about whether to be made long sighted or short sighted……..neither appeal if it’s a “forever” decision.

Is anyone else being woken up at dawn with the noise of the birds?

The year’s first young have left the nest now and they are running amok getting to know the area, especially an olive tree outside my window, in which they all congregate and shout at each other at 5am, occasionally they come in through the bedroom window and flutter around the room.

Our Robin is so confident and delicate, he has a look around and leaves, the pigeons need to be caught in a butterfly net and ejected but the blue tits get very distressed, at which point I have to open all the windows wide and leave the room for them to find their way back to freedom.

Right off to film NEON WOMB with Sidney Jake, plus have a guitar lesson!