Toyah’s Blog: July 2024

Jul 6, 2024


I hope you are all well and thriving.

ROSES IN CHAINS was digitally released for the summer solstice and it’s looking like it will have a solid release too. We are in talks with Cherry Red who are very keen, so am I.

We have played it live at the Isle Of Wight and Glastonbury, the audience reaction has been brilliant each time, a genuine listening experience and then a sway of familiarity as they sing back a chorus they have only just heard, then the roar of approval. The song has struck a chord.

It was a joy to write and the video was a test of patience against the actions of leaves and rose petals. It was a windy day which blew my tech over constantly. If you watch the video, I am completely on my own…..running sound, lights, camera, carrying equipment and then there’s the ELEMENTS!

On every take, and there were a lot, rose petals would blow in the wind, hit the screens and shut off the play back and camera. You can actually see it happen at 2.33mins……a leaf hits the screen and I thought “Noooooooo you are not shutting down the camera again!”

I got there in the end.


Barmy as it sounds, now the days are getting slightly shorter, I am pondering just when the Christmas Decorations can go up in FrippCox Land.

It is never too early and I love Frippy having a magical experience every day of his precious life.

This Christmas will be very special for us because we will have just finished the TOYAH AND ROBERT CHRISTMAS PARTY. The calm of the festive season will be well earned and we are already planning to watch A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE and hopefully ALIEN: ROMULUS.

It’s going to be hard beating the pure joy of watching SALTBURN last Boxing Day but Fripp can always dance starkers around the house in a frenzy of nostalgia if our movie choices fail to thrill.

About two weeks ago the band were hit by BUGS!

Mine and Manolo’s bug was bronchitis, this started when I was doing Lets Rock Leeds which was an exhilarating show with exceptional love coming back from the audience but I noticed I wasn’t comfortable on the high notes. It was scary because the next day I had Isle Of Wight…a hugely important festival to me..….I got through both and on Sky Arts my voice sounds exceptionally tough with a rock rasp!

At the same time Norovirus hit another band member and they were too ill to do IOW.
BUT the shows went on and no one would have realised.

One of my biggest terrors is voice loss and cancelling, it is heartbreaking to make that decision. I now have a sense of pride for doing four of the most remarkable performances of my career last June.

 We had industry in at Glastonbury and there’s now talks of a live release of T&R at Glasto.

It has been a poignant time here in Bredonborough. When Robert and I moved here in 2001 we where easily the young ones in town and now as our town grows and new generations move in not only is our home a busy and bustling community….Robert and I are definitely the “oldies” on the street today.

In the past weeks, even with the joy of Isle Of Wight and Glastonbury, we have been dealing with news of friends passing. It’s been more Four Funerals And A Wedding.  All long lives incredibly and inspiringly lived but a huge loss to the community they helped build our community.

This has led to a lot of reflection and planning of mine and Robert’s plans.

One of the funerals of a close friend was held at a local crematorium. It was a beautifully planned event amid an industry that has become a fast paced conveyer belt experience. Within the hour we were allotted to honour our friend there was music, poetry, laughter, many many tears, with the crowing glory being the lead singer of Chumbawamba, Dunstan Bruce, performing Tubthumping with the whole congregation joining in at the top of their voices. After I was asked if I was singing……no I was crying. 

It was a beautiful service that asked us to remember we are the ones left behind and to live our lives to the full.
I have a problem with this concept.

On the day of this service, I believe around 11.30am our friend’s coffin was taken by boat to the nearest mooring to the crematorium. Because Robert rarely informs me of anything, I didn’t know this was taking place next to our Garden which is on the River Avon. BUT at this time I looked out the window because there was a sense of incredible peace…..the same peace I experienced the day of my father’s funeral in August 2009.

Even the same peace as when little WillyFred the white rabbit passed away. I knew our friend was present ….but how can you tell people that who believe they have been left behind?

Our friend was present and present in full glory. We are never left behind.

The actor Donald Sunderland passed in June. I only knew Donald for a month or two and it was a rollercoaster of joy and anarchy.

Donald was dating my landlady, strange to call a renowned actress a landlady, but this wonderful actress gave me shelter for six months while we were both appearing at the National Theatre. Donald was wonderfully grand in a mega-large Hollywood way. Kind, funny and adventurous.

He would collect me in is Silver Cloud Rolls Royce and we would drive around Stockwell to the thrill of all the shop keepers who’d come out to shake his hand as we stopped to by fruit and veg……….You have to remember I was a full on punk rocker…….I’d step out go his grand automobile in a pink clown suit, orange hair and safety pins everywhere. He loved it.

Our memories of who and what we love are tangible, powerful and connecting.