Toyah’s Blog – June 2024

Jun 1, 2024

Toyah 2024 Pinhole camera portrait. All rights reserved.


I hope you are well.

The month of MAY has been fantastic.

THANK YOU to Everyone for all your Birthday wishes and kindness. This year my Birthday felt like a Birthday and what I mean is it felt very special.

So many “things” have fallen into place in the last month.

My new single ROSES IN CHAINS is fully finished and mastered. This started as an idea I recorded for Simon Darlow to take and arrange. We both took it further in the studio and Robert came in to add his guitar which is magical.

Everyone who has heard it says it’s fabulous, we are really happy with it. Cherry Red are releasing RIC digitally on 21st June to coincide with Isle Of Wight and Glastonbury. You can pre-save the song now at this link.

This week the rain stopped long enough for me to film an accompanying video in our garden, the black clouds were swirling but thankfully recent downpours, thunder, lightning and HAIL hadn’t destroyed the roses! You can see a glimpse of it in June’s TOYAH AT HOME. The full video/song premiere will be announced soon.

It’s been a proactive month. I had sync meetings with Cherry Red’s USA and UK teams. Sync teams put forward songs for placement in Film / TV / Video Games and adverts. Dan of the USA team absolutely loves GOOD MORNING UNIVERSE to the point he feels it’s going to one of those “Newly discovered” songs. He has a synch pending on a big budget Si-Fi drama series for next year…….it will make my year if this happens.

I fell in love with GMU all over again 20yrs ago when I realised how fans loved it and were singing it back to me at shows. It is a song of joy and as our horizons broaden it makes sense to acknowledge the universe is our new frontier.

Two weeks ago, Robert Plant’s band members from AMAZING GRACE came to lunch and they brought with them Andrew Scheps…. HOZIER, GREEN DAY, METALLICA, ADELE, BEYONCE, JOHNNY CASH and I believe Lady Gaga are a few of the people he has engineered or produced.

At lunch Andrew said he was so nervous of meeting Robert he had to ask his wife how he should behave. This had us in fits….Andrew is about 6ft 5in and a gentle giant.

© Michael Porter Photography. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Music In The Park 2024.

Last week I played the first outdoor show of the season, the audience were brilliant and of course it rained. But when I was onstage it was positively summer again, blue skies appeared. I think we saw four seasons in one hour! The show was in its third year “Party In The Park” Leyland and it looks like running for many more years. The stage team were from Let’s Rock and it ran beautifully.

Angie Brown’s dressing room was opposite mine and Angie looked radiant. Lockdown made it possible for her to meet her husband, I think they got chatting on the internet and now they are blissfully married and I am thrilled for her….she has always worked far too hard, she deserves some “Angie Time”.

After the prolonged winter I have been feeling physically below par, so for the last month I’ve started a pretty intense training programme, and I am fully back to my energetic self. It’s made me think age is just a number. Of course there is wear ’n tear, genetics and DNA to consider but I feel so much more myself if I move a lot. Robert is kind of the opposite; he is more himself if he can sit a lot.

Yesterday I over did my training. There is a word used a lot in our household DOMS. DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS….(very different to DOM if you look it up).

For years my trainers have been telling me to keep my GLUTS activated to protect my joints, the GLUTS (Gluteus Medius, hip abductor muscle)  are your buttocks basically and today I have massive bum ache. But it works.

When I spent a year on Calamity Jane in 2002, even with hip joint erosion at the time, my joints were perfect for the whole year. Muscles really do carry the weight. Today most of my training is squats with resistance bands and I have moved up to industrial strength bands……… OUCH!

Roses In Chains, home video still. All rights reserved. Full video coming soon

Last month the Cannes Festival really kicked off, I remember following it to hear about movies but last month’s write-ups focussed on a troubling red carpet trend…….women being pushed around.

Many conversations in the press have been about how women have been treated. Red Carpets can be brutal, EVERYONE needs visibility. It’s not just about the actual stars, it’s about the designers, the hair, the jewels, the make-up, the shoes, the nails, the skin.

If you miss your photo, or you accidentally don’t pose correctly, or you are pulling a face you are in BIG TROUBLE and add to that the photographers are under exactly the same pressure. They need to get their shot or their expenses aren’t covered. Photographers are literally only as good as their last picture, it’s a brutal industry.

I remember when Cannes was purely focussed on acting talent, the dresses came last but the symbiotic relationships between the industries of fashion, film, location, body shape etc is too irresistible to online culture now.

One of the most concerning things to see this year is women being “handled” or “pushed around”. Kelly Rowland standing up for herself when forcible pushed away from the red carpet went global, which allowed other similar incidents to surface.

I have huge respect for Kelly Rowland after briefly meeting her in 2007. I was on the panel of LOOSE WOMEN and the main guest this particular day was Kelly Rowland. Meeting and working with her has never left my mind. She was outstandingly polite and well prepped for the show. We interviewed her and she sang live.

Kelly memorised all our names, addressed us by our names each time we asked her a question and she knew each of our career accomplishments, this stuck with me. She would have been jet lagged and yet she was fantastic. So if she is seen sticking up for herself on the red carpet at Cannes there was definitely a reason and I respect her even more for it.

There are many, many women in this business who are absolutely wonderful,  but wonderful doesn’t sell stories.

Celine Dion is astounding on and off stage.  I’ve seen her under pressure three times and her dignity and commitment to her work is awe-inspiring, I send her my love everyday….from my heart…I don’t know her, I’ve just been lucky enough to be in the same room as her.

Saffron, from Republica and our best friend Gemma Numan show constant love and support not only towards me but to everyone around them. Nurturing qualities may not make headlines but they are there and they are tangible and I like to think these qualities help the film industry more than forceful removal of stars from their own environment.

Andy Doble’s wonderful father passed away in May and I send Andy and his family all my love. Whenever the Toyah Band played near Dover Andy’s parents would be there supporting us and dancing.

Big Love to you all. Have a wonderful June, I really hope you enjoy the new single and can come to the live shows.