May 1, 2020


 I sincerely hope you are all OK.

I have actually managed to build a home studio, thanks to Amazon. At my desk there is a microphone, which records direct to GarageBand and in the style of how the HUMANS songs began I am starting to record a solo album.

Technology has become so simple to use I now have the confidence to get to grips with it.

Yesterday I filmed a performance from my Green Screen room for Lets Rock, who have an announcement coming up for all you Lets Rock fans and next week I start Voiceovers for various projects from TV ads to children’s cartoons from home, so a little normality and stability is creeping back into my life.

The recording will keep me connected to my voice, I miss the concerts with all my heart, they are always the most special and important things in my life but if I can create a “lockdown” album and hopefully film some of it too that will be a massive step forward and achievement for me.

The dance videos every Sunday have been a life saver, giving me “performance purpose” and thinking them up each week has us laughing our heads off.

We never expected the very first LOCKDOWN SUNDAY LUNCH to do so incredibly well, it is almost at one million views and has lead to incredible things like my being invited to take part in the STRICTLY LOCKDOWN DANCE CHALLENGE and many more TV invites.

The costume I am wearing in this first dance video was/is intended for the TOYAH/ HAZEL ELECTRIC LADIES TOUR, so I will get to wear it once we are back on the road.

The same Sunday we filmed LOCKDOWN LUNCH Robert and I were up at 6am as the sun was rising, the sky was clear so I put the dress on for fun and ran out into the garden. Dressing up has made Lockdown more palatable.

I was amazed how beautiful the dress is on camera, it’s from a local second hand shop. I wanted my persona on the Electric Ladies Tour to be like a slightly demented showgirl.

LOCKDOWN TANGO was a challenge because Robert really cannot count within his body, he can count to his own music, but outside of that he is all fingers and thumbs and two left feet.

It took all week to teach him that routine and then on the Sunday it was due to launch we did about ten takes!  I am a trained dancer but I always say that doesn’t make me a dancer but I do find it easier to learn dances.

Whereas LOCKDOWN SWAN LAKE was a triumph. I had a spare black TuTu from 2005 which I cut up for Robert so it fitted him (my favourite part of the dance is at the end when it’s slipping down his backside).

Many friends have asked did I force him to wear it. Let me tell you he was totally up for it, he puts his heart and soul into these dances and all week he is asking what are we going to do next, I believe he sees them as uplifting and a great way to exercise.

We were hoping the swans would appear but instead there was a river bank repair boat, with two men on board working on the other side of the river and when they saw us they pretended not to notice we were both in TuTus.

So many friends have made contact since LOCKDOWN SWAN LAKE, I cannot believe how many people from my past have seen it.

  • Robin Craig, my co-star in the film POWER OF THREE reconnected from her lakeside home in Canada after she saw it and we caught up on our mutual loss of live audiences, Robin with theatre and how hard we are going to work to help the industries get back on their feet once we can.

  • BEVERLEY CRAVEN reached out to say hello and we are now e-mailing, it’s thrilling to meet her via e-mail, it such a different perspective. Beverley is launching a huge Star Auction for the NHS.

  • John Coates from Calamity Jane got in contact and asked me to flag up his band THE RAINBOW COLLECTIVE and their tribute to the NHS “PASS ON THE RAINBOW” which is on iTunes.

  • Also ROCK CHOIR who are launching a 24 HOUR ENTERTAINMENT fundraiser on the 18th May for Mental Health Awareness Week,  

I am now saying to promoters once restrictions are lifted and people feel safe let’s go hell for leather, be spontaneous and get back into the clubs, theatres and restaurant venues, be spontaneous and do all we can to help the venues and the economy of everyone. Optimism is the only way forward and gratitude for our health.

Currently Frippy is upstairs in bed with Strep Throat, he has no idea how he caught it, we wear gloves and face masks when ever we go out and I haven’t been out in public for 6 weeks, Frippy does the local shopping. It just goes to show how even the common cold virus infiltrates our lives so easily. Robert is on the other side but his throat has been agony and being unable to approach the Doctor how we used to I think added an anxiety to his condition but this is what it is.

Our wonderful cleaner and PA came back last week and to show her how efficiently we have managed on our own, we cleaned the house before she arrived! It sparkled! We are so grateful to have her, she has braved the supermarkets for us over the lock down.

One thing I haven’t done in Lock Down which I used to do on a half hourly basis was hide and jump out on my husband. Can you imagine being stuck with someone who does this to you at every chance…….. I can’t wait for life to be back to normal and then I can start hiding in cupboards again.

 Have you seen the NetFlix drama UNORTHODOX ? I don’t think I have cried so much through a drama ever. The performances are breathtaking, the story is true and works on so many levels as a metaphor for many women’s lives….. loved it.

Today I am exceptionally happy. This morning I woke having dreamt about Bill Rieflin all night. In the dream we were on tour and he was back to his full beautiful health………. .I hope you can watch my and Wong’s broadcast at 11am on FACE BOOK / TWITTER …….. especially if you are a HUMANS and BILL RIEFLIN fan.