Warrior Rock remastered arrives 17 May

Mar 23, 2024

On 17 May 2024, Cherry Red Records is delighted to issue the remastered and expanded editions of Toyah’s 1982 Top 20 album “Warrior Rock -Toyah On Tour”. Originally released as live double album in October 1982, Warrior Rock was recorded at Hammersmith Odeon (Now Hammersmith Apollo), London across the final two nights of the tour.

Pre-order from the new Cherry Red Records website from 10am, Monday 25 March 2024.

The album presents 15 songs centred around material from the band’s top 10 albums Anthem and The Changeling. The album is named after Warrior Rock, the B-Side of Toyah’s 1982 single Brave New World. The band’s hit singles It’s A Mystery, I Want To Be Free and Thunder In The Mountains all feature on the album alongside fan favourites Ieya, Danced and War Boys.

This expanded reissue now documents The Changeling Tour, Toyah’s highly successful run of 25 UK concert dates in June/July 1982 in a more comprehensive fashion. The 3CD set was compiled by Craig Astley and Joel Bogen and presents 41 remastered tracks from master tapes/archive sources featuring 26 previously unreleased bonus tracks.  A total of 19 different songs feature from 11 different gigs, recorded at 9 different locations.

For the first time ever, the ’four sides’ of the original live double album are included on CD – unabridged and uncut. Nick Watson/Fluid Mastering has remastered the package from the original mastertapes and archive sources, overseen by Joel Bogen. 

A wealth of bonus tracks have been unearthed from the archives to provide both a glimpse backstage at concert preparations, and act as a definitive souvenir of the tour’s journey across the UK.

  • Street Creature – a fully mixed and mastered LP outtake from the Hammersmith Odeon concert recording.
  • Two recordings from the soundcheck at Hammersmith Odeon from the afternoon of 18 July 1982, including an improvised band jam.
  • Five recordings of the tour rehearsal, captured at Brixton Fair Deal (later to become Brixton Academy) including Bird In Flight, Warrior Rock and Life In The Trees, the latter not performed live on any date of The Changeling Tour, and never on any subsequent Toyah tour or gig.
  • CD3 presents an alternate to the Warrior Rock LP, capturing 14 songs of ‘Toyah On Tour’ across the UK, cherrypicked from recordings of concerts in Newcastle, Bristol, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Brighton.
  • Neon Womb and Bird In Flight, regularly performed on The Changeling Tour, make their release debut.
  • A further four tracks on CD2 complete the ‘Toyah On Tour’ selections: It’s A Mystery (Preston), Street Creature (Newcastle) and the uncut, segued Dawn Chorus/War Boys (Liverpool).
  • The 3CD package includes a new introductory sleevenote by Toyah Willcox, and sleevenotes by Toyah archivist Craig Astley including new contributions from Joel Bogen and Keith Hale plus archival reflections on the tour from 2015 by the late Phil Spalding.
  • The artwork includes previously unseen photographs of the Hammersmith Odeon concerts on 17/18 July 1982.
  • Initial copies ordered from Cherry Red come with a colour postcard featuring a previously unseen live colour photo, one design with the 2LP Vinyl release, and one design with the 3CD edition.

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As per the original four sides of the 1982 vinyl

1. Good Morning Universe
2. Warrior Rock
3. Danced
4. Jungles Of Jupiter
5. It’s A Mystery
6. Castaways
7. Angel & Me
8. Brave New World
9. The Packt
10. Thunder In The Mountains
11. W
e Are
12. I Want To Be Free

1. Dawn Chorus
2. War Boys
3. Ieya

Outtakes | Hammersmith Odeon 18/07/82
4. Street Creature (Live Outtake)
5. Hammersmith Jam (Soundcheck)
6. Good Morning Universe (Soundcheck)

Tour Rehearsal | Brixton Fair Deal 15/06/82
7. Life In The Trees (Rehearsal)
8. Castaways (Rehearsal)
9. Warrior Rock (Rehearsal)
10. Jungles Of Jupiter (Rehearsal)
11. Bird In Flight (Rehearsal)

Toyah On Tour | Summer 1982
12. It’s A Mystery (Preston Guild Hall 07/07/82)
13. Street Creature (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
14. Dawn Chorus (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)
15. War Boys (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)

1. Good Morning Universe (Newcastle 12/07/82)
2. Neon Womb (Bristol Hall 04/07/82)
3. Warrior Rock (Hammersmith Odeon 26/06/82)
4. Danced (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
5. Jungles Of Jupiter (Portsmouth 30/06/82)
6. Castaways (Sheffield City Hall 19/06/82)
7. Brave New World (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
8. The Packt (Birmingham Odeon 15/07/82)
9. Thunder In The… (Liverpool Empire 14/07/82)
10. Bird in Flight (Hammersmith Odeon 26/06/82)
11. Angel & Me (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
12. We Are (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
13. I Want To Be Free (Newcastle City Hall 12/07/82)
14. Ieya (Brighton Centre 29/06/82)